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    Join YNPN Atlanta

    Join YNPN Atlanta

    Our goal is to provide great networking events with professional development that will help Atlanta’s young nonprofit professionals grow and thrive in their careers.

    YNPN membership is perfect for anyone interested in strengthening the nonprofit sector in Atlanta. Our members include mid-career professionals, those new to the nonprofit sector, recent college graduates, and others committed to the future of nonprofits around Atlanta.

    Professional Membership is for individuals committed to growing as leaders within their organizations and the Atlanta nonprofit community. Professional members want to help build the young nonprofit community in Atlanta and are committed to advancing the vital work of the nonprofit sector. Professional members receive free or discounted admission to nearly all YNPN Atlanta events, have access to exclusive events and professional services, and are first in line for unique opportunities with YNPN Atlanta and with our partners. Professional membership in YNPN Atlanta is only $35 a year. Sign up below!

    Organizational Membership
    Have three or more people in your organization that would like to join YNPN? Want to get all the benefits of an individual professional membership at a discounted rate? Sign up as an organizational member. Organizational members pay an annual fee based on their number of employees. Once the organization becomes a member, all employees can receive employee benefits! Email us at [email protected] if you're interested in signing up your team for an Organizational membership.

    Member Benefits

    • Free and discounted access to professional development opportunities, networking events, resources, partner discounts, and more!
    • Early notification and access to the NextGen Breakfast (plus a registration discount)
    • Exclusive access to our Opportunity Grants and member-only events

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    Join the Committee

    If you're looking for an opportunity to expand your skill set, gain some leadership experience, and help further the mission of YNPN Atlanta, consider joining one of the following committees.


    Fill out the form below!

    Finance & Fundraising
    This committee is not only dedicated to fundraising but is responsible for maintaining the highest standards in financial accountability and transparency for YNPN Atlanta. Finance & Fundraising Committee fundraises via sponsorships and individual contributions and manages the Opportunity Grant program, including selection, disbursement of funds, and maintaining compliance measures. For additional information, contact [email protected]

    Member Relations  
    The Member Relations Committee maintains the membership of YNPN Atlanta, including recruiting and retaining members through a recruitment strategy and welcoming new members. They also ensure that individual and organizational members have a satisfying experience and enhance member benefit programs. For additional information, contact [email protected]

    Marketing is responsible for managing the YNPN Atlanta website, social media outlets, e-mail newsletters, and media relations. This committee is responsible for the promotion of all YNPN Atlanta events and programming and develops and manages partnerships with external organizations and media to increase YNPN Atlanta's visibility. For additional information, contact [email protected]

    Social & Service
    The Social committee plans social networking events, such as happy hours, community service, and additional events. For additional information, contact [email protected]

    Professional Development
    The Professional Development committee develops, promotes and executes the professional development events throughout the calendar year. They facilitate career development, as well as relevant training resources for nonprofit employees and volunteers. They also add value to membership by engaging leaders in dialogue with each other and seasoned nonprofit leaders. For additional information, contact [email protected] 

    NextGen Breakfast
    The NextGen Committee plans and executes our largest annual event, the NextGen Breakfast. For additional information, contact [email protected]

    30 under 30
    The 30 under 30 committee plans and executes our annual awards program to highlight 30 nonprofit leaders. For additional information, contact [email protected]

    Become a volunteer

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