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    Join the Committee

    If you're looking for an opportunity to expand your skill set, gain some leadership experience, and help further the mission of YNPN Atlanta, consider joining one of the following committees.


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    Finance & Fundraising
    This committee is not only dedicated to fundraising but is responsible for maintaining the highest standards in financial accountability and transparency for YNPN Atlanta. Finance & Fundraising Committee fundraises via sponsorships and individual contributions and manages the Opportunity Grant program, including selection, disbursement of funds, and maintaining compliance measures. For additional information, contact finance@ynpnatlanta.org.

    Member Relations  
    The Member Relations Committee maintains the membership of YNPN Atlanta, including recruiting and retaining members through a recruitment strategy and welcoming new members. They also ensure that individual and organizational members have a satisfying experience and enhance member benefit programs. For additional information, contact membership@ynpnatlanta.org.

    Marketing is responsible for managing the YNPN Atlanta website, social media outlets, e-mail newsletters, and media relations. This committee is responsible for the promotion of all YNPN Atlanta events and programming and develops and manages partnerships with external organizations and media to increase YNPN Atlanta's visibility. For additional information, contact marketing@ynpnatlanta.org.

    Social & Service
    The Social committee plans social networking events, such as happy hours, community service, and additional events. For additional information, contact social@ynpnatlanta.org.

    Professional Development
    The Professional Development committee develops, promotes and executes the professional development events throughout the calendar year. They facilitate career development, as well as relevant training resources for nonprofit employees and volunteers. They also add value to membership by engaging leaders in dialogue with each other and seasoned nonprofit leaders. For additional information, contact programs@ynpnatlanta.org. 

    NextGen Breakfast
    The NextGen Committee plans and executes our largest annual event, the NextGen Breakfast. For additional information, contact nextgen@ynpnatlanta.org.

    30 under 30
    The 30 under 30 committee plans and executes our annual awards program to highlight 30 nonprofit leaders. For additional information, contact 30under30@ynpnatlanta.org.

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    Organizational Membership

    Have three or more people in your organization that would like to join YNPN? Want to get the benefits of individual membership at a discounted rate? Sign up as an organizational member. Organizational members pay an annual fee based on the number of employees they wish to offer membership.

    As organizational members, nonprofits will also receive the designation of YNPN friendly organizations to help them stand out in Atlanta's growing social sector. Additional benefits include discounted admission to YNPN professional development events, social media promotion, and spotlights during YNPN Atlanta’s NextGen Breakfast.

    How it works:

    Each employee named by the organizational member gains access to YNPN Atlanta’s individual member benefits. You don't have to assign your memberships all at once, but it is highly encouraged to give your staff the greatest opportunity for engagement. We'll track the start date so that each of your employee members receives 365 days of membership. However, your promotional benefits will expire 365 days after your fee payment. Note that memberships are not transferable, even if an employee should leave your organization. You must assign all of our memberships within one year of your affiliate fee payment. There are no refunds for unassigned memberships.

    Promotional benefits include:

    • A subscription to YNPN Atlanta newsletter
    • A listing on YNPN Atlanta's website
    • A mention on YNPN social media channels
    • A YNPN nonprofit-friendly Badge (Zagat model)
    • Discounts to YNPN Atlanta professional development and networking events 

    All content for the initial social media post will be provided by the member; the remaining content will be at the discretion of YNPN Atlanta for a total of three engagements. All content is subject to approval by YNPN Atlanta. The social media channel selected to deliver media spotlights is subject to the discretion of YNPN Atlanta. Organizational profile and newsletter mentions are limited to up to three per fiscal year.

    • Dedicated professional development session is limited to one per fiscal year.

    Click here for more information, or sign up below. 

    Current Organizational Members