The Value of Mentorship a resounding success!

This past Monday, YNPN Atlanta hosted The Value of Mentorship – an event that both kicked off this year’s inaugural Mentorship Program and featured guest speaker Patricia M. Falotico, Vice President, Global Sales Center Transformation, IBM.
The evening began with our mentors and mentees meeting and greeting while enjoying refreshments and drinks in the Woodruff Arts Center’s Circle Room. Once all of our guests had arrived, our Board Chair Lindsey Hardegree welcomed the group and offered a quick orientation for the Mentorship Program. All attendees were provided with a program featuring bios for all of our mentors and a copy of “Mentoring Millennials,” an article published by the Harvard Business Review that offers insight into the best ways to deliver beneficial feedback to this growing demographic.
After orientation, our mentors and mentees all took a few minutes to chat and get to know one another. It was so rewarding to see them making that first connection, and it really made me so excited to see how their relationships will grow over the next year!
Special guest Caroline Tanner from the Alliance Theatre next said a few words about an exciting event series the theatre has coming up for young professionals – Play After Work. With happy hour and a show, it would be a great way to spend an evening – or meet up for a little socializing with a mentor!
Our guest speaker Pat Falotico joined the group next to offer advice for how to make the most of a mentoring relationship.
Pat spoke with us about her own experiences as both a mentor and mentee and shared anecdotes about those relationships that thrived – and those that unfortunately did not. She compared the beginning of a mentoring relationship to dating – you’re feeling the other person out to see if he or she is a good fit. That analogy really struck a chord with me. A mentoring relationship is like any relationship – it’s all about how much time and effort you put into it and about how you “click.” It’s also about making sure each person’s goals are clear from the beginning. In her own experience, Pat said that clear expectations were crucially important to making sure a mentoring relationship was a successful one. Her advice to the group was to make sure both mentee and mentor know from the start what they hope to gain from the relationship. Set goals. Come up with a meeting and/or touch base schedule that works best. And if it’s not working out, remember that dating analogy, and play the field a little more!
After her remarks, Pat took questions from the audience and asked the group to share their own experiences as mentors and mentees. A few members of the group shared that their most successful mentoring relationships evolved into friendships, which reinforced Pat’s point that a personal connection can be just as important as a professional one.
We are so thankful to Pat for joining us for the event - and for her candidness and insightful advice. I think all of our attendees left the event with a great set of tools to get them started on the path to a valuable and enjoyable mentoring relationship.
And let’s not forgot about the goodie bags!! Special thanks to the Alliance Theatre, AT&T, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, The Atlanta Women’s Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and Turner Broadcasting for the sweet swag. T-shirts, notepads, and more were included – as well as YNPN Atlanta business card holders! And thanks to the Woodruff for hosting us as well!
We’d also like to thank all everyone who came out to join us for the event. We had a great time, and we hope you did too! We’re really looking forward to this first year of the Mentorship Program and to seeing how our members will grow through taking part in the experience. Congrats to the 2012 class!
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Check out photos from the event…
If you’d like to learn more about the program, click here for more info. And be sure to join us for our next Networking Hour on Nov. 14, when we’ll hear from Heather Locker about Strategic Volunteering Strategies.
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- Marci Tate, YNPN Board Member