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    Join the Committee

    If you're looking for an opportunity to expand your skill set, gain some leadership experience, and help further the mission of YNPN Atlanta, consider joining one of the following committees.


    Fill out the form below!

    Finance & Fundraising
    This committee is not only dedicated to fundraising but is responsible for maintaining the highest standards in financial accountability and transparency for YNPN Atlanta. Finance & Fundraising Committee fundraises via sponsorships and individual contributions and manages the Opportunity Grant program, including selection, disbursement of funds, and maintaining compliance measures. For additional information, contact

    Member Relations  
    The Member Relations Committee maintains the membership of YNPN Atlanta, including recruiting and retaining members through a recruitment strategy and welcoming new members. They also ensure that individual and organizational members have a satisfying experience and enhance member benefit programs. For additional information, contact

    Marketing is responsible for managing the YNPN Atlanta website, social media outlets, e-mail newsletters, and media relations. This committee is responsible for the promotion of all YNPN Atlanta events and programming and develops and manages partnerships with external organizations and media to increase YNPN Atlanta's visibility. For additional information, contact

    Social & Service
    The Social committee plans social networking events, such as happy hours, community service, and additional events. For additional information, contact

    Professional Development
    The Professional Development committee develops, promotes and executes the professional development events throughout the calendar year. They facilitate career development, as well as relevant training resources for nonprofit employees and volunteers. They also add value to membership by engaging leaders in dialogue with each other and seasoned nonprofit leaders. For additional information, contact 

    NextGen Breakfast
    The NextGen Committee plans and executes our largest annual event, the NextGen Breakfast. For additional information, contact

    30 under 30
    The 30 under 30 committee plans and executes our annual awards program to highlight 30 nonprofit leaders. For additional information, contact

    Become a volunteer

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    30 Under 30 Awards

    Class of 2019 Applications will be open until September 7, 2019

    Click here to apply or nominate for the 30 under 30 class of 2019!

    The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Atlanta (YNPN Atlanta) presents the sixth Annual 30 under 30 Nonprofit Leaders Award. We recognize that the future of our sector rides on the shoulders of our current young leaders, and we want to celebrate and support them along their path. We will recognize 30 leaders under 30 years of age that are making waves in the nonprofit sector in our state. 

    Nominations for the awards are accepted from across Georgia (with a focus on the Atlanta area) to recognize 30 young nonprofit professionals who are making a powerful impact in their organizations by exhibiting outstanding leadership, innovation, and commitment to community work. YNPN Atlanta seeks annually 30 young professionals who are working to improve not only their communities but the nonprofit sector as a whole. Awardees will be recognized at a special reception and participate in an exclusive professional development course hosted by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

    Requirements for nominees: 
    - Can be submitted through self-nominations or a nominator 
    - Must be 30 years of age or younger
    - Must have worked in the nonprofit sector for at least two years
    - Previous recipients of the 30 Under 30 award may not apply again 
    - Recipients do NOT have to be members of YNPN Atlanta but are encouraged to participate in YNPN Atlanta events

    Benefits of becoming a 30 Under 30 awardee:
    - Recognition among the nonprofit sector
    - Six-month, complimentary membership to YNPN Atlanta
    - Professional development opportunities
    - Opportunities for events and networking with current and past 30 Under 30 awardees


    Looking to sponsor our nonprofit leaders? Email us at


    Check out our previous award recipients! 

    Sam Aleinikoff
    Annie Appleton
    Megan Arthur
    Courtney Kay Ball
    Emma Calabrese
    Camellia Chandler
    Chaz Chapman
    Kate Coffey
    Edmonia Doe
    Kathryn Ethridge
    Jossette Footmon-Smith
    Fiona Freeman
    Allison Hahn
    Foster Hayes
    Dominique Hite
    Mikaela Houghton
    Rachel Karabenli
    Rachael Kurtz
    Asha Cobb Jones
    Lene Sabin Nichols
    Brittney Palmer
    Vanja Pantic-Oflaoglu
    Latia Richards
    Lauren Rock
    Starr Smith
    Myriah Sparks
    Hannah Testa
    Aroona Toor
    Trecinia Wiggins
    Racheal Woods
    Maya Brown 
    Tiffany Brown 
    L'Dante Brown 
    Alex Camardelle
    James Robert Carnes
    Dane Caston 
    Jordan Crews
    Emily Cumbie-Drake
    Zobida Janne Dat
    Margaret Derby
    Ashleigh Harris
    Caitlin King 
    Mikayla Lofton 
    Sam Martinez
    Lenora Oeters
    Ufuoma Ogaga
    Teni-Ola Ogunjobi
    Tommy Pearce
    Benjamin Sperling
    Rachel Stanley 
    Whitney Stovall
    Martice Sutton
    Madeline Tapper
    JoVantries Tolliver
    Maithri Vangala
    Adrienne Vinson Waddey
    Yvonne Wagner
    Joshua Woods
    Hunter Woodworth
    Javan Wyche
    Brianna Alexander
    Natalia Barreto 
    Sara Berney
    Elise Blasingame
    Lauren Carson 
    Maya Chaudhuri
    Tiffany Coakley
    Brandon Fleming
    Veronda Ford
    Sarah Garnitz
    Jesse Grossman
    Guen Han
    Brittney Henry
    Corby Herschman
    Jennifer Hite
    Allison Hood
    Jordyne Krumroy
    Jillian Madden 
    Nicole Morado 
    Weslye Myrick 
    Zach Nikonovich-Kahn
    Jasper Preston 
    Alexis Richbourg
    Steven Sainz
    Julian Smart-Ripple
    Rochelle Smalls
    Heather Stockdale
    Erica Thomas
    Jewel Thompson
    Malika Whitley
    2014 Class
    Tayo Adeyefa
    Jewel Anderson
    Lindsay Ayers
    Kristyn Back 
    Marianna Burke
    Julianna Cagle
    Shirley Anne Cruz
    Jacqueline Edwards
    Russell Gottschalk
    Hannah Grady 
    Christina Graff
    Andrew Heacox
    Adena Hill
    Danielle Hunt
    Amy Kane
    Becky Katz
    Elyse Klova
    Jake Maguire
    Jessie Matheson
    Johanna McCrehan
    Kathy Orstadt
    Rebecca Pogue
    Amelia Quinn
    Leigh Tenewitz
    Rachel Vzan Buskirk
    Lara Wagner 
    Eldredge Washington 
    Kai Williamson
    Sigele Winbush
    Allison Young
    2013 Class
    Senam Apaloo
    Tiffany Banks
    Eva Bradley
    Christine Brasile
    Christine Brodnan
    Kate Cash Hayes
    Susannah Darrow
    Jordan Flowers
    Chelsea Folds
    Molly Frisenborg
    Amelia Godfrey
    Simon Griffin
    Jeff Hamilton 
    Lindsey Hardegree
    Laura Henninghausen
    Rebekah Henry Murphy
    Laura Jeong
    Heather Karellas
    Sally Larsgaard
    Jocelyn Lewis
    Paige Miller
    Nadia Payne
    Andrew Pendleton
    Rebecca Richard
    Stacy Santoris
    Greg Schwartz
    Daniel Wenger
    Laretia Williams
    Molly Williams Heacock
    Jenah Zweig

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    Membership Renewal

    Thanks for your interest in renewing your YNPN Atlanta Membership! (If you are trying to join YNPN Atlanta for the first time, or after a Membership lapse of several years, please click here.)

    YNPN_Members_at_Beltline_Lunch_2-21-16.jpgOur goal is to provide great social and networking events alongside professional development that will help Atlanta’s young nonprofit professionals grow and thrive in their careers.

    Membership in YNPN Atlanta is still only $35 for a full year.

    YNPN Atlanta strives to enhance the skills, knowledge and network of every single one of our members. 

    Professional Members receive free or discounted admission to nearly all YNPN Atlanta events, have access to exclusive events and professional services, and are first in line for information and invitations to unique opportunities with YNPN Atlanta and with our partners.

    Please direct questions to the YNPN Atlanta Member Relations Committee:

    Member Benefits

    • Free and discounted access to professional development opportunities, networking events, resources, partner discounts and more!
    • Early notification and access to the NextGen Breakfast (plus a registration discount).
    • Access to our online Member Directory to network with other nonprofit professionals in the Atlanta area.
    • Exclusive access to our Opportunity GrantsMentorship Program, and member-only events including the Coffee with an Expert series.

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    Support YNPN Atlanta

    Make your tax-deductible contribution to YNPN Atlanta online! You can choose any amount (or wrote in a different amount) and opt to pay all at once or to pay via installments each month.