Spring Cleaning for Your Career

Spring has sprung and while the recent snow flurries are showing otherwise, the seasons are changing in Atlanta. With it comes “spring cleaning,” which is the perfect time to spruce up where you live and really get back to being organized. Why not do the same with your professional development? We all get busy working within our organizations and departments during the week and can lose sight of continuing to build on our personal growth.
Here are some ways you can start spring cleaning for your career:
  • Elevator Pitch – With the upcoming YNPN Atlanta Speed Networking event on April 16th, it’ll be a good time to brush up on your elevator pitch. You’ll want to be able to convey who you are, what you do, and why it’s important in about 30 seconds. Be concise and get to the point of your work. The same applies when you’re first introducing your nonprofit and the work that it does. You’ll want to have an elevator speech that will be direct and help start those connections with potential partners and donors.
  • Professional Goals – Time to start spring cleaning your 2013 goals and resolutions. Check to see if you’re still on track with meeting your goals, if they need to be modified, or if you have new goals you’d like to accomplish in the next months. Set benchmarks for yourself to see what you’ll need to get where you want to be. These free goal organizer posters from The Nectar Collective are also helpful for you to visually see yourself meeting your goals (just like when you’re growing up!).
  • Business Cards – Remember that big stack of cards you collected at the last YNPN networking event? Have you followed up with those contacts that you made? No? Well, going forward, try to make it a habit of replying back to your contacts within 48 hrs of meeting. The info on their business cards is essential, and you don’t want to miss out on making a connection because you forgot!
  • Resume – Updating your resume can be difficult and tedious when you’re doing it on the job hunt. Why not keep it up to date with your most recent accomplishments as you make them? This will help you remember the key projects you worked on and the successes that you gained throughout your career.
  • LinkedIn Profile – Similar to your resume, have you updated your LinkedIn profile with your most recent and relevant accomplishments? Have you written a recommendation for a colleague? If not, you could be missing out on making some valuable connections. YNPN Atlanta is active on LinkedIn as it is the largest social network devoted to professionals, and recruiters are always looking through profiles for new recruits. Also, it is a great place to seek potential donors and partners for your organization.
What other items in your career could use some spring cleaning? Share with us in the comments section.