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    Leadership Opportunities

    YNPN Atlanta can't function without our Board of Directors and the fantastic members who make up our Committees!

    At YNPN Atlanta, we foster a culture of learning. We are all trying to develop new skills. We recognize that work is not always the best place to implement a new idea or experiment, so the YNPN Atlanta leadership team strives to be a place where professionals can try out new skills and test ideas.

    Board Applications will open Summer 2020.


    If you're looking for an opportunity to expand your skill set, gain some leadership experience, and help further the mission of YNPN Atlanta, consider joining one of the following committees. All committees have monthly meetings. To express interest in joining a committee please complete this form to tell us a little about yourself!

    • Finance & Fundraising Members looking to use or enhance their fundraising skills should consider being a part of the the Finance & Fundraising Committee.  This committee is not only dedicated to fundraising but is responsible for maintaining the highest standards in financial accountability and transparency for YNPN Atlanta. At this time, the priorities for the Finance & Fundraising Committee are to help YNPN Atlanta begin fundraising via sponsorships and individual contributions, and to manage the YNPN Atlanta Opportunity Grant program, including selection, disbursement of funds, and maintaining compliance measures.  We are looking for members with fundraising experience and those who are interested in helping and learning more.
    • Member Relations  The Member Relations Committee maintains the membership of YNPN Atlanta, including recruiting and retaining members through a recruitment strategy and welcoming new members.  Responsible for maintaining a member database with current standing of all members. The Committee conducts polls and surveys to measure member engagement.
    • Marketing & Social  The Marketing & Social Committee is responsible for managing the YNPN Atlanta website, social media outlets, e-mail newsletters, and media relations. The Committee also plans social networking events throughout the year. The Marketing & Social committee is responsible for promotion of all YNPN Atlanta events and programming, and also develops and manages partnerships with external organizations and media to increase YNPN Atlanta's visibility.
    • NextGen Breakfast The NextGen Committee plans and executes are largest annual event, the NextGen Breakfast. You can find out more about the event on our site
    • Programs The Programs committee develops, promotes and executes the majority of YNPN Atlanta’s professional development and networking events throughout the calendar year. In addition, the Mentorship Program is managed through the Programs Committee.

     Click here to complete the board committee interest form

    Board of Directors

    The YNPN Atlanta Board of Directors is for people looking for deeper commitment and responsibility.  Applicants to the Board of Directors are personally committed to the mission of YNPN Atlanta and will preferably have served actively on an YNPN Atlanta committee for at least three months prior to applying for a board position.  All board members are required to attend monthly board meetings in addition to serving on a committee, will make a commitment to attending most YNPN Atlanta events, will be formal members of YNPN Atlanta, and will be available for regular communication online every week. YNPN Atlanta is an all-volunteer organization and the Board of Directors is a working board that serves in lieu of staff.

    Board Applications will open Summer 2020. Email [email protected] with any questions about Board service.

    We’re looking for people who:

    • Ask questions
    • Aren’t afraid to ask for help
    • Are eager to learn new skills
    • Are looking for professional challenges
    • Are proactive
    • Understand their capacity and time commitments 
    Become a volunteer

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    Support YNPN Atlanta

    Make your tax-deductible contribution to YNPN Atlanta online! You can choose any amount (or wrote in a different amount) and opt to pay all at once or to pay via installments each month.