Nonprofit Tools & Technology - May

This month we’re featuring tools for creating online wish lists and interactive data visualizations.

As always, our featured tools will cover a broad range of uses - from managing social media campaigns to collecting online donations.  Many were not developed exclusively for nonprofits, but all will be selected based on their usefulness, ease of use, and cost (most, if not all will have a free version).  


Overview: GiFTgive lets organizations make custom online wish lists (through which can then be shared with donors. Unlike a traditional gift registry, the feature-rich platform allows organizations to customize the look and feel of the wish list page as well as the donor thank you message. The platform also lets donors make partial donations towards more expensive items.  The obvious benefits for donors are the opportunities to make non-cash contributions and to see the direct impact of contributions. For nonprofits, using GiFTgive can be an easy way to solicit contributions for goods/equipment that may not be a budget priority or that are not costly enough to require a dedicated fundraising campaign.

Cost:  Pricing plans range from a 4.9% transaction fee to a fixed $49 monthly or $495 annual fee
Potential Uses: Holiday season wish lists, office relocation/renovation wish lists, program equipment wish lists


Overview: Tableau Public is a free application for creating interactive data visualizations that can be shared and embedded online.  Unlike many data visualization tools, it requires no programming or graphic design skills.  Users can import data from Excel/Access and then use a simple drag and drop process to create and customize interactive charts.  Charts (or groups of charts in a dashboard format) can be shared online and embedded in webpages.  Tableau Public is a particularly powerful tool for nonprofits given its ease of use and ability to visually communicate complex data sets.  Not only can a nonprofits leverage data collected from its services/programs, but it can also take advantage of publicly available data sets (examples using government/public data).

Cost: Pricing plans include a free application as well as personal and professional versions that range up to $1,999

Potential Uses:  Issue advocacy/education, program metrics/evaluation, financial transparency
- Jeffrey Ader, YNPN Atlanta Marketing Committee Member