Nonprofit Tools & Technology - December

As we mentioned last month, our featured tools will cover a broad range of uses - from managing social media campaigns to collecting online donations.  Many were not developed exclusively for nonprofits, but all will be selected based on their usefulness, ease of use and cost (most, if not all, will have a free version...).  This month we’re featuring tools for email testing, monitoring website analytics and fundraising....
Litmus - Test your HTML e-mails live in virtually every e-mail client
Overview: Litmus is an online tool that lets you test your e-mail campaigns in 30+ e-mail clients and devices.  Many nonprofits rely heavily on HTML e-mail campaigns for fundraising, volunteer engagement and newsletters.  Litmus ensures that the recipients of your e-mails view them exactly how you intended.  Major e-mail marketing services (e.g, MailChimp, Constant Contact, ExacTarget) have come a long way in terms of ensuring end-user e-mail client compatibility, though Litmus does a much more thorough job.  If you are unsure whether this tool would be useful for your HTML e-mails, just test it out for free on the Litmus website.  The monthly cost may seem steep, but you may only need it for several months, and when you consider the implications of a successful (or unsuccessful) marketing campaign, it may be a steal for your nonprofit! Cost: Basic plan begins at $49/month and increases with features up to $299/per month. Potential Uses: One-time use to test HTML templates or ongoing testing for e-mail marketing campaigns.
Chartbeat - Real time web and marketing analytics
Overview: Chartbeat provides you with real-time dashboards for your key website and social media analytics.  The best way to understand Chartbeat is simply to spend a few minutes exploring the demo dashboards.  Using Chartbeat can save any nonprofit, especially those without a dedicated social media manager, a tremendous amount of time tracking and analyzing data from multiple online channels.  Unfortunately many nonprofits spend too little or too much time gathering website and social media data.  Chartbeat helps shift the focus from gathering your data to actually using it to drive tangible decisions. Cost: Base plan is $9.95/month and includes 5 websites and 2 administrator accounts. Potential Uses: Actively monitor and analyze website/social media metrics, screenshots for report deliverables.
SupporterWall - Raise money and showcase your supporters
Overview: SupporterWall is an online crowdfunding tool that lets you showcase donors in an interactive grid.  There are many fundraising and crowdfunding tools available, though few let you showcase donors in anything beyond a simple list.  SupporterWall lets you customize the number, size and funding level of each square as well as the image (e.g., a logo, ribbon) before launching your campaign.  The interactive wall can be easily shared via social media as well as embedded in web pages. Cost: You can either choose an upfront $49 fee or a 6% fee on all funds raised. Potential Uses: Grassroots fundraising for specific projects where visibility is a high priority.
- Jeffrey Ader, YNPN Atlanta Marketing Committee Member