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Quick Resources

Looking for quick and helpful resources to help you progress in the nonprofit sector? Check these out!

-Need some information regarding the Paycheck Protection Program? Here's a list of resources for you that might be handy!

-Small business seeking information about PPP loan forgiveness and how to determine the best time to apply? Check out this guide designed by the financial experts at

-Fund the People is providing a free toolkit that is a comprehensive resource to help you maximize investment in the nonprofit workforce. Most of the content was developed by Fund the People, and almost all of the resources are available to read online or download as a PDF.

-Our friends at want to share an in-depth guide they created on answering some of the most challenging questions during a job interview.

The guide is called “The 8 Most Difficult Interview Questions – And How To Answer Them” and offers plenty of valuable information.

Check out the free full guide here!

-Also, one of the writers of Glide would like to share an in-depth guide called “Remote Working: a Practical Safety Guide for Businesses”.

You can check out the full-guide here

It serves as a useful guide for businesses on the benefits of remote work, why it’s increasingly popular, the downsides, as well as cybersecurity and mental health considerations for remote working for employees. Be sure to pass it along!