How to Get HR to Fall in LOVE with Your Resume

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But before you go, here are a few tips to get you started:
Resumes are an important part of any professional's career. It’s the one page where you can showcase our previous experiences, accomplishments, skills, etc. However, with most human resource and hiring managers having a small window of time to actually review your resume, how are you able to really make your accomplishments stand out?
Standard formatting Resumes should be clean in presentation, so don’t get too crazy trying to bold, italicize, underline and adjust the font size and type of every line in your one page. Have one standard font throughout the resume (Arial or Times New Roman are good ones to use) and have at most two varying font sizes (10 pt or 12 pt is standard). Also, limit your bold texts to headlines. Your document margins should be either .5” or 1” around.
Keywords Review the job description and make sure you highlight the keywords that are present throughout the responsibilities and required previous experience sections. Hiring managers will be looking for specific skill sets and prior work experiences related to the open position.
Highlight Accomplishments Don’t be shy about what you’ve done since your resume is where you can showcase why you’re the best candidate for the job. Applicants tend to list what their organization has done and not what they themselves did in their current position. Highlight YOUR work first and foremost!
Relevant Volunteer Experiences With nonprofits, highlighting your relevant volunteer experiences and causes you support will stand out to hiring managers. They want to see that you are engaged with the nonprofit sector and are active in causes outside of your work and school experiences. Also, with the job market down, showcasing that you stayed active in learning and training through volunteering and interning can make you stand out among the other applicants.
What other resume tips would you add to the list? Share with us in the comments below, and join us tomorrow at our Resume Workshop!