Member Blog Spotlight: Chaz Chapman


   Chaz Chapman
   Director of Talent & Branding, Agape Youth & Family Center   

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YNPN Atlanta, welcome Chaz Chapman! Chaz is one of the newest members of the YNPN Atlanta board and a 2018 recipient of YNPN Atlanta’s 30 Under 30 Award. Chaz currently works as the Director of Talent & Branding at Agape Youth & Family Center.

Chaz is excited to be joining the YNPN board. He’s hoping to meet new people who do similar work and is eager to expand and encourage more young professionals in their work in the nonprofit sector. Atlanta is a hub of nonprofits, and he wants to build excitement and spotlight how cool it is to be part of our sector. He hopes to build a network of people who look out for each other. Chaz sees the YNPN community as place for learning best practices and a vehicle for highlighting the amazing work YNPN members are doing in the community.

As a young undergraduate student, Chaz’s goal was to own a business. He studied and worked at it, but realized that life in the business school was not his passion. During his time at Kennesaw State University, he fell in love with the leadership development experiences he had in student organizations and promptly changed his course of study to Nonprofit Leadership. After a brief stint in Colorado, Chaz returned to Atlanta where he started with Agape as the Events and Volunteer Coordinator. While he loved his role and the organization, he realized he had bigger aspirations.

Then he did something many people find difficult and scary. He stepped away from a role he loved to explore his passions. He attended graduate school, started a consulting firm, and came to understand how his passion for organizational development could fill a need in the nonprofit sector. Not long after leaving Agape, he returned as an external consultant, and then a full-time staff person responsible for building out the organization’s human resources function.

Chaz recognizes that through this journey he has made a million mistakes but has also met a lot more triumphs. He believes that he's finally found the sweet spot between embracing what value he brings to the table while also acknowledging that there's so much more for him to do and learn- especially in the nonprofit sector. When he first started in the nonprofit sector, he remembers selling himself and his skills short- something he believes many young professionals do when they begin a career. Chaz believes there is a misconception that you have to struggle or sacrifice to be in the nonprofit sector or do something you feel brings you peace, but it’s important for those in the sector, young and old alike, to know their worth, make those demands (upon proving yourself, of course) and be YOUR advocate.

One of the most important skills he’s learned is how to document everything. Of course, documentation is important for the future of an organization and ensuring that the next person in your role does not have to reinvent the wheel. As Chaz has learned, it’s also an invaluable way to track and measure your worth and the value you bring to an organization.

Chaz’s personal philosophy is “the future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.” He believes firmly that his purpose is to be part of building things and is always willing to dig in and do the hard work to make something happen. He likes being part of the planning and building process and enjoys seeing something from start to finish. Welcome to the board, Chaz! We can’t wait for you to “get your hands dirty” as a member of the YNPN board.

Get to know Chaz here and here. And look for him at future YNPN events! You can learn more about Agape Youth & Family Center on their website and by following them on Instagram.


Written by S.E. Spencer