Member Blog Spotlight: Abby Bullard


   Abby Bullard,

   Development Manager at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center


   Social Media: LinkedIn

What sparked your interest in your work? Abby attended Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and received a degree in fine arts. She knew she wanted to work in the art scene but didn’t know exactly where to start. She learned more about nonprofits through internships she had during her undergraduate career. Her focus now is art and business relationships and how she can leverage what she knows about fundraising and grants to support local artists.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned? Abby says it’s, “to listen and give yourself time to absorb something whether it be a new concept or taking time to grow.” She is now managing volunteers and interns and uses these same lessons to help her understand how people learn. When you give a person time to reflect on what they really want, you can listen to their aspirations in life and end up learning more about them.

What is the most valuable skill you’ve developed in your role? For Abby it’s writing and figuring out how to articulate what she wants to say. Looking back she never thought she would be a strong writer because she’s known to be a creative. A lot of people and supporters of Atlanta Contemporary Art Center praise her for how well structured her emails are.

What advice would you give to individuals interested in your work? The advice that she was given by her professor, “if you want to make it in the art world be somebody that everybody wants to know.” With this advice she went out to art galleries and forums focused on art. Once people started to see her more they noticed her and ask her more casual questions. Bullard broke into the art world as a reservation services coordinator, this job aided her decision in whether or not she wanted to work in nonprofits.

What did you use your grant money for? She used her grant money for professional development classes at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. She felt like she needed the academic training to teach her more about specific skills. She is receiving a certificate in capital campaign fundraising, and feels reassured knowing that she has a network of people she can reach out to from these classes.