Get Our Text Alerts!

It’s easy, and free (except for standard texting fees) to stay up to date with YNPN Atlanta via text alerts.  We use the SMS messaging service Celly to send out timely alerts to our members.  This is not like our regular email newsletters – we use Celly for shorter, more time sensitive communications.  For example:

  • You might receive a text the day before an event reminding you to RSVP and giving you the address of the event.
  • If the parking lot at an event is full and parking is an issue we might text you to tell you of a secondary parking location.

If you’re interested in getting timely SMS updates, sign up at or text @ynpnatlanta to 23559.  You can opt out at any time if you find you no longer want to receive updates.

2 Responses to Get Our Text Alerts!

  1. I want to received more Info about your organization .

    Thank you,

    • Hi Claudia! Thank you for your interest. Please look around our website, and then contact us here with any further information you’d like to know.

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